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I had been emphasizing the question: what exponent is required to go from a base of b to reach a value of a?

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Once students are experts they will take a seat at a desk and will exchange problems with the person in front of them.

They will then solve this problem and if needed, will get help from the expert on that problem.

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Many of the schools around us had already closed due to the impending arrival of Cleon. And, my students wanted to have nothing to do with learning something new.

This introduction to logarithms is basically a compilation of a lot of ideas I found on the Internet.Additionally, I stole Until Next Stop's Secret Method of teaching logarithms.I had been trying really hard to not teach them the loop trick.I give the students 10 minutes to become an expert on solving and explaining their problem to someone else. After 10 minutes, they will need to be the expert on the problem.The answers are copied on the back of the card so that students can check themselves.On the other hand, Internet is a pool of unsupervised information with no reliable source to verify the data you gather from Speed Dating Formula.

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