adolescent dating patterns - Sony pc companion not updating phone

However, in order to manage those data on Sony mobile, including pictures, the corresponding assistant is also released for better organizing the phone files. I'd like to share this assistant for your Xperia Z5.

To be frankly, this PC Companion is similar to Samsung Kies but it only works for Sony cellphones while Kies merely serves for Samsung.

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Along with that many interesting features like face unlock are also added.

ICS was one of the revolutionary update from Google & Sony has taken it to the higher level.

Why update your Android phone to the latest version. When you get a new phone these days it does not necessarily mean that the manufacturer is done with the software on your phone.

Sometimes exploits can be found that the phone company may want to fix to keep your phone from harms way.

Unless your phone is on a data plan this could get quite expensive depending on your cell phone carrier.

Another thing is that updating phones this way could if you are very unlucky cause your data to be wiped from your phone. To back up your photos and images check out our : Backup Android photos tutorial.

Then, click the ideal data type to copy and wait until transferring successfully so that your Sony data is backed up.

How to Restore Backup Files As you have backed up before, you are allowed to tick the name of backup files and click "Restore".

To backup your cell phone contacts check out our : Backup Android contacts tutorial.

How to update the Sony Xperia Z to the latest Android version.

Read the important information and thick the box then click Continue Read the battery information and thick the box then click Next Now choose your device and then click Next Follow the instructions on the screen to connect your Sony Xperia to PC Wait a few minutes until hard resetting completed Finish!

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