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It’s pretty neat how one awesome performance can change the perception and opinion of an entertainer, and even better if it comes after years of slow and noticeable improvement.Lee Yeon Hee has rocketed up my list of K-actresses to watch even if I am a tad worried that her certainly doesn’t think and I’m with the bigwigs there in wanting to keep challenge Lee Yeon Hee.

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Yoo Dong Geun then went over to Song Seung Hun and said, "If you manage to woo Yeon Hee now, your life will become a real success." But Song Seung Hun rejected the idea saying that it would be too great of an expectation.

Yoo Dong Geun finished by saying, "I thought that it would be really great if they were really together because of their reactions.

MBC’s long sageuks are less flashy and more staid so hopefully Lee Yeon Hee will cement her acting improvement once and for all so that critiques of her acting will equal compliments of her breathtaking beauty.

She’s also gotten on my good side with her confession during a recent press circuit that she’s got no lack of male suitors since she debuted and in fact has always been in a string of relationships.

Without feeling some real-life chemistry he says he can't get enthusiastic about dating. It's not easy for me to date because I had that experience.

"When I met my first love, it was like I had been electrocuted," said Song. I want to meet another person who makes me hear thunder." He admits he is occasionally jealous of his friends and fellow actors who have found the person they want to spend their lives with.

Khi biết tin này, nữ diễn viên Lee Yeon Hee đã lên tiếng phủ nhận: "Tôi cũng có nghe thấy tin đồn này nhưng đó không phải là sự thật.

Những hình ảnh về cuộc trò chuyện ngoài lề trên trường quay thực ra chỉ là chúng tôi gặp gỡ để thảo luận kịch bản.

Despite the low ratings of MK during its run, the network is handing Lee Yeon Hee a make-or-break epic sageuk in (Splendid Politics), and surrounding her with a boatload of talented male sunbaes in Cha Seung Won, Lee Sung Min, and Kim Jae Won.

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