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If the length is changed, and rebuild, the properties should all update successfully.

This does not happen automatically in this version of Solid Works until you look at the cut list properties.

(The custom properties of any Solid Works document can be accessed by going to File The default location will be: C: Program Data Solid Works Solid Works yearlangenglish To edit this file, navigate to that location and double click the to open it in Notepad, or any other editing program. You can add any new properties you wish to the list by adding them on a new line.

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Use or upgrade/install one of the following browser to take full advantage of this site Internet Explorer 9 and above Upgrade Now Google Chrome Download/Install Chrome Mozilla Firefox Download/Install Firefox Assy rebuilding is VERY slow in 2016 SP1.0 I see this note at the bottom of the screen when the assy is rebuilding. I appreciate any effort on this as it's really causing project delay. Not sure about stretching down to cover the Task Bar.

The assy i am working on right now has only 20 parts, Non are weldments, and a few are sheetmetal parts... I don't have a Cut List folder at the main assembly level, however. I just know that at the very bottom left of the Solid Works window (possibly on top of the task bar?

To help identify what is in the cut list, Solid Works gives us the ability to add some custom properties like part numbers or descriptions.

The Fillet Beads are listed out individually at the bottom of the list.

Whatever is listed out here is what will show up on the cut list in the drawing. Solid Works calculates the values for LENGTH , ANGLE1, and ANGLE2.

The DESCRIPTION is already defined in the profile used to create the structural member.

As I look around the CAD landscape, I can very much appreciate both the quantity and quality of the enhancements that go into each and every release of SOLIDWORKS; our community continues to receive subscription value like no other.

I've been asked to highlight three of my favorite new things in SOLIDWORKS 2015.

But there is still no way of linking that note to a property. The way it works is: Look at the feature tree, a macro feature is now present.

This macro feature will, on rebuild, copy the contents of the note into the property.

There are many methods for linking properties in Solid Works and displaying them in different manners; for example a note that displays the bounding box length.

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