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We hope Jason Sudeikis's jumpsuit-wearing sidekick Vance is still out there dancing somewhere. Rob Schneider, Ellen Cleghorne, Adam Sandler, and Mike Myers play the cool kids, while Emilio Estevez, David Spade, and Melanie Hutsell serve as their targets in this well-executed sketch.

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ashely greene dating - Snl dating game skit

There were a ton of jokes playing off Cena's hyper-masculine presence and meathead look, but the WWE star proved he has an excellent sense of humor about his image — and he does a pretty funny, over-the-top Rob Gronkowski imitation, as well.

The subject of the sketch was all the dumb things the sports stars supposedly do with their money.

His main goal seems to be to get some of the female patrons to “bare me a son.” Oh yeah, and he’s a racist too. Crowe was awful, though to be fair, the material wasn’t helping him much.

Grade: FSkit 4: Matchfinders Next up was a dating game skit hosted by Keenan Thomson with the fantastic Cecily Strong as the eligible lady looking for love.

Mc Kinnon’s Hillary was a little nervous having lost seven states in a row to her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic nomination for president.

Not much new ground was covered here as it was another “look how much Hillary Clinton will pander for votes” gag. ”The Verdict: Short but funny Grade: B Skit 2: Al Sharpton Keenan Thompson is back with his Al Sharpton impression.

2 lesbian”) is a worthy successor to "Celebrity Jeopardy" in terms of wacky-brilliant celebrity impressions.

Jimmy Fallon brought his A-game when he returned to host Saturday Night Live this week.

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump received a negative rating.

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