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Read more about assisted living costs and if assisted living is overpriced.

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When families searching for assisted living encounter community prices, an occasional first reaction is “sticker shock.” The average cost of a one-bedroom assisted living apartment is approximately $3,823 per month, according to data from A Place for Mom’s Senior Living Cost Index.

Most would agree that this is a significant sum of money – but is it too much?

Preparing to make the move to an assisted living community can be an exciting time, but downsizing for the move can often be overwhelming for families.

Wondering which items to bring, or debating what things would be better left behind?

Either click on one of the states below to view assistance options or keep reading to see an overview of the STATE ASSISTANCE programs offered. Financial Assistance Programs by State Some states do offer mortgage assistance programs to individuals who cannot pay their mortgage.

Truth be told, you likely won’t be getting mortgage payment help from the government, but you can qualify for counseling and foreclosure assistance.

If you are struggling financially, you absolutely need to look to see what programs your STATE offers.

There’s a good chance you will find some sort of assistance you qualify for.

In some cases, you may even need to actually visit a location to see what help is available.

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