Sims 2 nightlife dating guide

Big [3.05] DJ [3.06] Slob [3.07] Host [3.08] Server [3.09] Grand Vampire [3.10] Restaurant Chef [4] New Cars, Vroom! [4.01] Cars [4.02] The Smoogo Minima [4.03] The Smord P328 [4.04] The Landwhale by Heaveola [4.05] The Yomoshoto Evasion [4.06] Hunka 711 by Hwang Motors [4.07] Alarms [4.08] Building Garages [4.09] Naughty Stuff [4.10] Owning a Car [5] Making and Spending Money, Its Fun, Llama Says [5.01] Being a DJ [5.02] Gypsy Matchmaking Services [6] New Food, Not Poisonous to Sim City Standards [6.01] Crepes Suzette [6.02] Uncookable Food [7] Aspirations, You're Hopes, and Failures [7.01] Pleasure Seeker [7.02] Grilled Cheese [7.03] Re Nu Yu Porta-Chug [7.04] Re Nu Yu Senso Orb [7.05] Long Aspiration Update [8] Relationships, More of the Same [8.01] Turn Ons and Offs [8.02] Chemistry [8.03] Chemistry Mk 2 [8.04] Scope Room [8.05] Updates, Influence and Interest [8.06] Fury [8.07] Contact [9] Groups, Its not Multiplication [9.01] Forming a Group [9.02] Managing [9.03] Going Out [9.04] Gifts [9.05] Outing Meter [9.06] Super Outing [9.07] Pulling Strings [10] Dating, Its not Mating [10.01] What's Dating [10.02] Finding a Date [10.03] Having a Good Date [10.04] A not so Good Date [10.05] Date Meter [11] Delivery, Nuclear Missile Launched [11.01] Food Coupons [11.02] Love Letters [11.03] Hate Letters [11.04] Flowers [11.05] Flaming Bags of Poo [12] New Items, Or Broken Ones [12.01] "Pinmaster 300" Bowling Alley by Hurling Fun Products, Inc [12.02] The Hott Corp Burning 8-R Series Fire Jet [12.03] Florid Font [12.04] Dancing Fiend Jukebox [12.05] The Groove Layer 9000 Professional DJ Booth by Hot Beets [12.06] Voco Phonic Sim Karaoke Machine [12.07] Electro Dance Sphere by Extreme CO [13] Dining Out, It's Tasty Quotes Fluffy the Cat [13.01] The Whole Concept [13.02] The Menu [13.03] Paying or Skipping the Bill [13.04] Favourite Foods [13.05] Waiters Incompetence [13.06] Food Cruelty [13.07] The Ups and Downs [13.08] Discounting [14] Removing Sims, Because It's Fun, Well, for Me [14.01] Vampires and Sun [14.02] Hunger [14.03] Electrocution [14.04] Drowning [14.05] Cow Plant [14.06] Eaten Alive [14.07] Disease [14.08] Satellite [14.09] Old Age [14.10] Scared to Death [14.11] Fire [15] Inventory, The Infinite Loop [15.01] How It Works [15.02] Using Inventory [15.03] Pros and Cons [16] Vampires, Van Helsing all over Again [16.01] Turning into a Vampire [16.02] Living as a Vampire [16.03] Abilities [16.04] Quitting as a Vampire [16.05] Strategy as a Vampire [--] Q&A, Quick & Annoying [--.01] Q&A [A] Contact Information [B] Webmaster Information [C] Credits [D] Sites FAQ is on [E] Copyright ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1.01] Expansion Pack Wow, my forth FAQ in under one year. If you have University, this guide would be fully understandable for you.

If you don't, you should read the FAQ for the general gist.

Dates expect to be a little naughtier than Outings, although going too fast is a good way to end things badly.

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IGN has explored every nook and cranny of the new Downtown area for you, and even got bit by a few vampires in the name of getting you accurate information. We'll do anything for the fans, even if it means turning undead and getting paler than a flu patient devoid of blood.

In this The Sims 2 Nightlife guide, you'll find: Game Changes: Changes to the engine, plus a brief overview of anything worthy of mention.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Table of Contents [1] Introduction, You'll Need It [1.01] Expansion Pack [1.02] New Stuff [1.03] Version History [2] New Lots and Areas, Or Are They Really Ponders Scientist [2.01] Restaurants [2.02] Nightclubs [2.03] Bowling Alleys [2.04] Graveyards [2.05] Photo Booths [2.06] Downtown [3] New Sims, Out of No-Where [3.01] Vampires [Short Version] [3.02] Mrs.

Crumple Bottom [3.03] Gypsy Matchmaker [3.04] Diva / Mr.

Outings are bizarre, because if you try the same strategy as you do with dates, you'll probably fail.

Outings generally are between friends, and can be comprised of up to a whopping eight Sims in the party. a large social outing is akin to a party on the road. When started, you'll get a timer and a bar in the corner of the screen.

You'll be sitting in your house, watching the latest episode of crap like Hogan Knows Best, or maybe writing yet another strategy guide on the computer.

You may feel it a little at first, and shrug it off, but it comes back. Eventually, it completely envelops you, and you feel claustrophobic.

Sims may receive wants such as 'juggle' and 'jump on lounge'.

Nightlife adds another Aspiration as well: the Grilled Cheese Aspiration.

They use similar systems, so they'll be covered together.

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