So, lets start with the Intro2Electro, first of all it comes in an awesome case, take the labels off and it just looks like a tool case, perfection for discretion at home (well until someone needs a screwdriver!) It comes with a great, easy to read booklet which I skimmed through although it really is so simply to use. Over to one side is the fire button, this is where you can have the most fun!


It’s a small device with a metal band around the middle – this is the part which produces the electro.

It isn’t meant to be thrusted, or to fill you up, it’s meant to sit in there just right ready to give you amazing pulses which will quite literally make your knees quiver with anticipation.

I had aimed to arrive around half past 3 in the after (although the event started at 12pm) It was very easy to find the location , Revolution Bar, with just a 5 minute walk from London Liverpool Street Station.

M before so was excited to see what it was all about.

Using the E-stim Systems water based lubricant making insertion even easier, pop in the sex toy, sit back and relax (well kind of) I would suggest starting of slow if you’re a beginner even if you’re eager to get cracking as you never know how you’ll react.

It’s much more sensitive down there than your hands that’s for sure!

Ada jenis imajinasi yang umum dan tipikal, ada pula yang tak biasa.

Penelitian dari Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and the Philippe-Pinel Institute di Montreal Kanada menyajikan fakta menarik dari para responden.

I know it’s been a long ass time since I’ve written here, but I am seriously considering coming back to posting here.

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