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Mike Mac Farlane of the New Westminster Police Service.

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You sit down, you have a coffee, and you play with the cats."Part of the goal was to give a few cats a second chance.

They were all adopted from the SPCA and quickly made themselves comfortable in their new home, Spencer said.

Le Vieux-Port de Montréal occupe deux kilomètres de berge, sur le port de Montréal, et accueille plus de sept millions de visiteurs par an.

Grâce à son ambiance de parc, le Vieux-Port est très fréquenté par les citadins et les visiteurs qui peuvent s’y adonner au vélo, au patin à roues alignées, de même qu’à la navigation de plaisance.

And it's also great therapy."According to Spencer, the cafe is the first of its kind in North America. There are plans to open cat cafes in several cities, including Vancouver and Toronto.

There's even another one set to open a few blocks away in Montreal.

Municipal police forces in other parts of the province have been doing undercover online investigations into child sex offenders for years, but the Saanich department's ad promising "Sexy, young tight bodies lookin for fun" was something B. He says that he had no reason to believe he was buying the services of an underage girl until he arrived at the hotel-room police sting on April 14.

Experienced child sex investigators in other departments say that even after dozens of arrests and convictions, they've never been accused of anything untoward by the men trapped in their undercover nets.

Le Conseil municipal de la Ville de Montréal a adopté, le 25 août 2009, le règlement et l’accord de développement autorisant le projet immobilier Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre développé par la Société immobilière du Canada (SIC).

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