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This includes bank and credit card statements, tax forms, and medical bills.

41% of respondents age 50 shred documents once a week or more.

As Donald Trump’s election rhetoric risks the US reverting to neo-isolationism too, can Britain retain a global role if utterly disconnected from Europe? Policing and security Brexit Can the UK stay in the post-national networks of information exchange and policing once Britain has left political Europe? Does the UK give up its leadership role in shaping environmental politics in Europe when it leaves the EU?

British ministers and elected politicians will certainly no longer play a role in EU policy-making. Expat Brexit There are an estimated two million Britons living, working or retired, in other EU member states – with a concentration in nearby EU nations such as Spain and France.

“Identity theft is one of the most prevalent types of fraud encountered by people age 50 and over,” said Beth Finkel, State Director of AARP New York.

“By doing something as simple as shredding their documents, New Yorkers can safeguard their identity along with their hard earned credit rating and retirement savings from unscrupulous thieves.

State College was incorporated as a borough on August 29, 1896, and has grown with the college, which was renamed The Pennsylvania State University in 1953.

In 1973 State College adopted a home rule charter which took effect in 1976; since that time, it has not been governed by the state's Borough Code, although it retains "Borough of State College" as its official name.

Only the House of Commons will decide how Britain is governed after Brexit. Single market Brexit This is the end of full unfettered access to the EU’s single market of 450 million customers.

It is possible to be outside the political EU but stay in the Single Market like Norway and Switzerland. Customs union Brexit Leaving the EU customs union would require every good or components in goods destined for sale in Europe to be customs cleared.

It is the principal borough of the six municipalities that make up the State College Metropolitan Statistical Area, the largest settlement in Centre County and one of the principal cities of the greater State College-Du Bois Combined Statistical Area with a combined population of 236,577 as of the 2010 United States Census.

In the 2010 census, the borough population was 42,034 with approximately 105,000 living in the borough plus the surrounding townships often referred to locally as the "Centre Region." Many of these Centre Region communities also carry a "State College, PA" address although are not part of the borough of State College.

AARP New York is pleased to see the success of this joint effort with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and we thank him for his leadership in providing this vital service to New Yorkers,” added Finkel.

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