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And then once you’re in, you think that the postage stamp-sized dance floor with its thumping rap music and mass of humanity seems like a good idea. You definitely don’t remember insisting on singing a Hilary Duff song on the basement bar’s karaoke stage. There are also ill-advised events like foam parties and KY wrestling. Just close your eyes, go with it, and take a really long shower when you get home.

But know this: you’ll leave soaked in sweat with an inexplicable craving for Fuel Pizza. One minute you’re just enjoying some wings and watching the Boots and Bikinis Contest. Lucky for you, there’s a video your (soon-to-be-former) friends posted online and the lingering scent of PBR on your pants to prove it. Showing up here at am and hitting on anything breathing isn’t a dating strategy as much as a death sentence for your dignity.

You can find a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting near you by selecting your state of choice. Finding a Sex Addicts Anonymous Meeting is easy using our meeting directory.

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Within 20 minutes of my visit to your clinic- I saw results I hadn’t seen in years!

My wife and I thank you, and appreciate what you’ve done for us." - T.

There’s no shortage of stuff to do in Charlotte: a nice dinner out on Friday, brewery tab on Saturday, maybe brunch and a Whitewater Center visit on Sunday... Mix in any of these 21 free activities now and then to save a little cash and also to explore a new side of the city.

There’s no word like “free” to get you out of your comfort zone.

We’re all about supporting the Charlotte Knights, especially since their kick-ass Uptown stadium ranks as one of the best minor leagues in the country.

But once in a while all you need is a spot to sit and a picnic for a perfect summer night.

While a rebranding and brighter days may be ahead for this bar, which has deemed itself the "Great American Dive Bar," during its tenure as Phil's Tavern, it was well known as your inevitable last stop of the night.

Its close proximity to other Uptown bars means you think it looks like a good time. You may have repressed the memory, but you’ve been to Jeff’s Bucket Shop. and a lot of bar-top grinding in ways that probably shouldn’t be legal.

With exponential growth since its 2014 launch, the (free) conversations and networking opportunities are worth going for on their own -- and occasional sponsored freebies (like a pint) make it a no-brainer for anyone who agrees that networking almost always sucks.

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