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As roughly 80% of the Pantanal floodplains are submerged during the rainy seasons, a very biologically diverse aquatic flora has evolved, which in its turn supports a vast array of animal species.

As the Pantanal is home to over 700 species of birds (and is also an important migratory area for North American birds), 100 species of mammals, 260 species of fish and 80 reptile species, the trip was bound to be memorable, and Anne's pictures certainly reflected the huge biodiversity of the region.

She explained that despite being an area of wetland, there were very few wildfowl, but other water birds were common - for example, there were several heron species, including striated, black-crowned night, rufescent tiger, and little blue herons, as well as birds like the limpkin (in a family of its own, it looks like a large rail but is skeletally closer to cranes), Amazon, green, American pygmy and ringed kingfishers, grey-necked wood rail and the sun bittern, to name but a few.

Newly added to an already ample list of reasons not to love Gordon Ramsay is his ruination of a golden moment in a cinematic masterpiece.

Never again shall I be able to enjoy the scene in the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski when the titular character, on receiving what he takes to be one of his kidnapped trophy wife Bunny’s toes in the post, sobs to Jeff Bridges’s Dude: “Strong men also cry.

A low-ceilinged room with higgledy-piggledy beams is pretty enough in the Michelin-farmhouse style that matches pastels and lavish floral displays to solid, scuffed furniture; one dog-pawed sofa that had missed its last appointment with the steam cleaner lent a faint air of homely character.

Yet the curious failure on a cold, damp day to light the fiddly little wood-burner set in a magnificent brick fireplace hinted at a preference for clinical elegance over warmth.

Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014 7 GENEALOGY DEPT. \ ' ^ ' BY THE POVnr S-LAND CLUB FOR TILE USE OF ITS MEMBERS. VIL WITHDRAWN from tti« F&r-iiy History Libr&ry LONDON: ~ ^ ■ ■ PBISTED y OB THE CLUB BT THOMAS EICHAEDS. This remarkable Seal is not quite perfect, the edge having been splintered away, and the figure in the place of the crest having lost its head, which the engraver has supplied. He is represented with a black lace collar in his portrait at Po^^^s Castle. 1656, with the intention of visiting his noble domain at Castle Island, CO. From Sir Richard Herbert of Colebrooke descended in the younger branches the Lords Herbert of Chir- bury, in' subsequent times Earls of Powis, and Arthur Herbert, Earl of Torrington, both extinct in the male line ; while, from a senior, but never ennobled branch, the family of Muckruss and Kilcuagh still remains, and in its chieftain, Henry Arthur, exists the legitimate male representative of this long-descended house.

MAR 2 4 2003 Allen County Public Library 3 1833 01774 2138 ^(6 ' COLLECTIONS HISTORICAL & ARCII^OLOGICAL GENEALOGY 942.9401 C685 v,7 €ROFILM ^//^ N ROLL . It appears to have been a round seal, surrounded by an inscription, probably " S'ujil Uim Edaardi de Ckerletoa Domini Pow Uie", of which only the "g" in the word Sigillum, and " wi" in the word Powisie now remain. Among the many good deeds of this excellent peer, it might be mentioned that he was the patron of his kinsman, Thomas Herbert, and the architect of his future fortunes. Kerry, he was accompanied by his relative Thomas, a descendant, like himself, of Sir Richard Herbert of Colebrooke, Monmouthshire, who forthwith regarded Ireland as his adopted countiy, and became propidetor of the fine estate of Kilcuagh, co. Richard, Lord Herbert, died 13th of May, 1G55, and was buried in the chancel of the parish church of Montgomery. Edward, the third Lord Herbert of Chirbury, the eldest son and heir of the preceding peer, embraced 140 HERBERTIANA.

Strong men also cry.” In all future viewings, the image that will invade the mind will be that of self-styled strong man Mr Ramsay weeping on learning that an outpost of his empire, The London in New York, had been stripped of its two Michelin stars.

“It’s a very emotional thing for any chef,” he recently confessed. You want her back.” To which the natural response is to scream: “In that case, man, stop fannying around on the telly, and start being a chef again, you foul-mouthed crybaby.” If the unyielding imperium of Michelin is a matter on which this column touches perhaps too often, it is hard to escape.

The publicity generated by the guide is relentless, with a constant drip-drip of leaks refreshing the debate over whether it is a benign or malevolent dictator of standards.

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