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Most of you will be thoroughly familiar with our commonest snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis, but you may not know Galanthus woronowii, a shorter specimen with shinier, broader green leaves and diminutive pearl-drop flowers that hang down at a slight angle.

This crisp combination of shiny green foliage and bright white flower against the dark earth of winter is a very welcome sight.

The falls have a deeper yellow crest, and sometimes brownish markings as well. graeberiana (blue) are Junos that you may come across in catalogues, but none is so widely available as I. How to Grow The native habitat of Iris bucharica gives the clue as to how to grow this bulb in our gardens.

This bulb is trouble-free, robust and increases rapidly. It is completely hardy, but is best in a free-draining, neutral or slightly alkaline, fertile soil in full sun.

There is a closely related species, Iris orchioides, which may simply be a variant of I. The bulbs should be planted in late summer or autumn, and only about 2in deep.

Great care must be taken when planting this iris (and other Junos) not to damage the fleshy roots, because these persist throughout the year. This iris can also be grown in a cold greenhouse, when it should be planted in a deep pot of John Innes No.

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