Sex chats for ipods

Readers receive a certain number of free “hoots” (views of texts in a chat story) every ~35 minutes and can purchase unlimited hoots for .99/month or .99/year.

The rating is way off: I have a 12-year-old, and I would never let her use this app.

Recently I found on her ipod some sex chat between them i.e.

what would they like to do to each other other than the stuff they have already done and I am truly shocked that they have already humped with their clothing on, tongued and touched through clothes, that was bad enough but what they want to do to each other alarms me more as it involves full oral sex and talk of actual sexual intercourse.

Now this bit gets even more tricky, another boy has messaged her and she has said she is bored with her BF and they too have exchanged sex talk and what they would do to each other and mentioned sending each other naked pics to each other.

My daughter I thought was sensible but now I am beginning to think I have raised a tart. Virtual conversations can be so much more explicit than when face to face.

Now what do I do, I can't say I have seen the messages because that will mean I know her password, and I could have only got that from her younger sister and I don't want to involve her, but I don't want to go directly to her and have a chat about naked pics and sex talk etc as she will know I have been snooping. Typing stuff does not mean that they have actually done the things they describe. I know an 11 year old talking on email like your daughter but had actually only started holding hands.

I could ban her from her ipod but I can't do that forever, and judging by the stuff she knows, she is going to do it behind my back very soon if I don't step in now, but how? They are still young and experimenting with the opposite sex, perhaps trying to impress or be persuaded to do sex talk.

Similar to captions on television, you’ll be able to listen to what you can, and you’ll be able to read what you can’t hear.

– Send messages with your voice and now with text input support!

My advice is to be calm and not angry when having chats with her.

Description: HOOKED allows you to read stories in chat format for free*.

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