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I love rain,flowers,seashore...infact walking on seashore just in a bikni...i simply luv that....i like making new friends,, i like men..real man a lot..

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Opted against bid for Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) Senate seat in 2010.

Known for long ponytail, occasionally wearing shorts or flip-flops to "Fast Money" set, hyperbole including terms like "absolutely phenomenal." Married, wife Lisa.

I am a beauty and figure conscious girl..i received “miss best walk” award recently,,,i do regular aerobics/yoga to keep myself flexible and in sexy shape..oh yeah, i just love a phone sex chat where we can share our desires and become friends.

If u wanna spend time with me,we will enjoy candlelight dinner,with champagne,with some romantic music watching the lovely moon,,holding each others arms...tightly and firmly...sure you will get intoxicated with the warmth of my pure feminine energy....

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It’s completely empty the only sounds we hear are the ocean waves and the animals moving around in the trees We both take a sip of vodka.

You are giggling at being so naughty Soon we are at the top of the hill, where a big Mayan temple is you’ve been drinking more vodka. You are going to be my human sacrifice tonight well, the sword is meat, not metal…..

The use of "domme", "dominatrix", "dom", or "dominant" by any woman in a dominant role is chosen mostly by personal preference and the conventions of the local BDSM scene.

The term "mistress" or "dominant mistress" is sometimes also used.

Who cares about the destination..journey is beautiful!!!!

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