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A fight involving a teenager who killed another in self defense last year erupted at a Rochester apartment complex Tuesday night. Terry Branstad as the next Ambassador to China earlier this week.

Rochester Police said the fight was the result of an ongoing feud between friends of Jose Negrete and a group of people involved in his death. The body of a former Rochester man was found in the Mississippi River Monday.

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He also had shards of glass embedded in his eardrum when a light bulb was smashed on his head. I didn't want to die and give in to these people." A SWAT team rescued Kollias and Ewo that Sunday night from a home some four miles from the Rochester college campus.

"I'm not going to give up without a fight," he recalled thinking. Authorities later said they had been targeted in a case of mistaken identity after marijuana dealers were beaten and robbed by someone else at Ewo's apartment a month earlier.

The tool is already used by about 100 police departments in New York and thousands of police agencies across the country."Our number one priority in law enforcement is to protect our citizens, especially the most vulnerable — our children," said Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn.

"We constantly strive to find new and innovative ways to deliver services more efficiently and effectively."Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty said residents "have a right to know who may be living near them and could potentially pose a threat to their families."The database allows users to search a specific location, up to a five-mile radius, or sign up to receive email alerts when a sex offender moves into their neighborhood.

They were instead held against their will, beaten, shot and sexually assaulted over the course of 40 hours.

"I didn't think I was going to make it until (that) Monday," Kollias, 23, told the Chicago Tribune Tuesday.Five men and four women, all Rochester-area residents in their late teens and early 20s, were convicted of kidnapping and other crimes.Lydell Strickland, 26, was sentenced to 155 years in prison for planning the attack as well as charges of robbery, assault and sex abuse.The purpose of the program is to lessen the anxiety of citizens by proactively alerting them should an offender/predator move nearby, Dougherty said.All the information available on this site is already public information.Rochester police arrested two people after the drug bust on the 100 block of 12th Avenue SE Tuesday morning.

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