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In the bizarre world of romance that exists today — the “hook-up culture,” if you will — there are three types of people: the lovers, the loners and, of course, the serial daters.

The “lovers” are exactly what you would assume they are: hopeless romantics who long for an everlasting relationship with their soul mates and who will stay involved with “the one” for months and months, or even years, without a second thought.

Then suddenly, as if men had their own ticking biological clock, a man realizes that he’s ready for the next stage of his life: settling down.

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By Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph D If you’re looking for a serious relationship, getting involved with a serial dater can be a serious waste of time. Simply put, it’s someone who dates many people, but manages to steer clear of long-term commitments.

Serial daters can be charming and a lot of fun to be with, but they will probably leave you feeling alone and unhappy.

Perhaps the writers who gave Carrie Bradshaw life on the now cult classic “Sex and the City” were on to something when they wrote that men are like taxis driving around with their lights off.

Sometimes they’ll pick up someone if they feel like it—sometimes a lot of people—but generally speaking, they’re unavailable.

They consistent companions and manipulate their lives so almost every aspect of their well-being revolves around the other person.

The “loners” are the people who don't believe in relationships because they're too good to be involved with someone else while they're working toward a career and trying to get their sh*t together.They may or may not be relevant for your particular situation; and they should not be relied upon as a substitute for individual professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.If you need help for an emotional or behavioral problem, please seek the assistance of a psychologist or other qualified mental health professional.Then if you see that the person is a serial dater, smile politely and move on – even if you are feeling charmed and interested.Yes, you will probably be passing on some good times.While this joke elicits a smile even among the most committed of men, the truth is that finding the right woman is only one part of the equation.

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