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In a career spanning four decades, John Atencio is an industry legend.

A native of Colorado, John is known for his artistry, design aesthetic and attention to detail.

The 64-year-old revealed that after her hugely successfully stint on the BBC flagship programme she embarked on a dance journey to find a style that was inclusive yet sensual.

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’ “I brought six Brazilian dancers to London, got them in a dance studio with Arlene and asked them to dance.

“She saw them and I asked her ‘am I making a huge mistake here or is this really special?

John began his journey with his first store in a small alley near CSU in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Now celebrating forty years, John continues with inspired new collections - including the introduction of pantheon - his inaugural watch collection.

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Read the article I began by asking Dr Eve how she defines sensuality.

“Sensuality is being completely in the moment and being aware of the possession of touch, sound, visual, and all the various sense components,” she stated.

“I just really loved the sensual nature of it – you start dancing with one guy and then you twirl into someone else and start dancing with them.

I thought that was pretty cool.” After watching open-mouthed as the professionals strutted their stuff on the dance floor she decided there and then to bring the troupe to the UK. We see the same dances on the TV and in shows and thought ‘wouldn’t it be great to bring something that is equally watchable and equally good to the UK?

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