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Many of these names can also be shortened into delightful nicknames, such as Gabrielle to Gabby. D., Be De Bee Ma, Be Ma Big Bop Biggie D Bobaloo Bop Bubba Buck Bud Buddy Buster Buzz, Buzzy Chief Coach Dabadoo Daddor Dadoo Dandy Dappy De Dad Dee Dah Dexter Dodie Doody Doozy G-Daddy G-Dad, Gee Dad G-Dawg G-Dog Geezer Guy, Geez G-Man G. This is just one of the topics that often comes up in Grandparents Caring for Grandkids,'s support group for frequent and fulltime GP caregivers.Hey, our group motto is that old saying, "Walk a mile in my shoes." :- ) And we're not hard to find.

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Serbia has always straddled the East and Europe, not only in geographical sense, but also politically and culturally.

An opulent blend of history where different civilisations were born and mixed together architecture and culture which is part of European Cultural Heritage and entertainment awaits for you in Serbia.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and the third largest city in south-eastern Europe after Istanbul and Athens.

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