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And even more surprised to find yourself with someone who is your ex, but they were several exes ago!

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If you don’t have any single ones, join some social groups or sign up to an online dating site with a couple of friends and you’ll soon meet new people.

You could even use a dating coach to help you along the way. Don’t assume that if you are a single parent that nobody will be interested.

So anyway back to the question, are there any real success stories of getting back with your ex and making it work the 2nd time around?

If you understand why the break the first timeand really try to work on the issues- then yesit can. It really depends on the issues and the couples devotion to each other and thierdetermination to fix together what went wrong. My guess is that they normally dont work a 2nd time around.

When you meet someone better then you’ll stop caring anyway. You don’t need to feel sorry for yourself or think as this as an annoying chore. You'll get to experience all kinds of new things, try wonderful new activities and visit exciting places.

So go where the journey takes you and say yes to every dating opportunity. Dating doesn’t need to be a lonely process; you can do it with friends.

I don't think people ever really change and personally don't think people should change, you're either happy with someone the way they are or you break up.

I don't expect anyone to change to make me happy and also won't change to be what they want.

laughter, watching old films with someone or just having a companion to walk the dog with, then you can’t move forward. Do you want a funny man, a petite lady or a caring partner that will get on with your whole family?

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