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Wan Yizhou, Majeed Azeem, Morris Stephen, Soljak Michael, Millett Christopher (2017), “Are Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Assessment and Management Programmes Cost Effective?

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That is, the participants’ estimates of whether an athlete was losing or winning, and by how much, tended to correlate with the actual situation, as measured by the (hidden) score at that stage in the contest.

The older kids were no more accurate than the younger kids, but the adults were more accurate than the children.

Intriguingly, while a loser’s automatic submissive signals may be advantageous in real-life violent contexts, in modern sport they likely backfire. And any clips containing explicit emotion, such as shame or pride, were omitted.

The researchers showed adult and child participants dozens of silent, three-second clips of winning and losing athletes in table tennis, basketball and handball, and tested whether the observers could tell, based purely on “thin slices” of non-verbal body language, whether each athlete was winning or losing, and by how much (from “far behind” to “high lead”). Here’s an example of the clips used for table-tennis: The researchers found high levels of accuracy, among young children (aged 4 to 8), older children (age 9 to 12), and adults.

With the handball, the researchers compared the accuracy of participants who were experienced players, with the accuracy of others who knew nothing about handball – and found they performed just the same.

This highlights the instinctual nature of these judgments because they weren’t dependent on expert knowledge.

Quantifying relative genetic and environmental contributions to subjective perceptions of “the dress” in a classical twin study ” Mak, E., Gabel, S., Su, L., Williams, G. T., (2017), “Multi-modal MRI investigation of volumetric and microstructural changes in the hippocampus and its subfields in mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia with Lewy bodies” Mak, E., Su, L., Williams G.

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