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Today we think of beer naturally being put up in bottles, but that was not always the case in this country. Beer, because of the nature of its ingredients was prone to spoil if not probably bottled and or sealed carefully and under controlled conditions.Prior to 1890, laws dictated that bottle could not be bottled at the brewery. Sanitation was a problem, especially since the product was not bottled at the location it was made.

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Beer was to be drunk at room temperature, but storage was best in a cool place. Bottles not always recycled, but when they were cleaning them out was problematic.

These difficulties contributed to limiting the amount of beer produced in bottles until the late 1870s.

But in Milwaukee, Schlitz was a beer taken seriously by serious Milwaukee beer drinkers, which, if you’ve been to Milwaukee, is high praise indeed.

The roots of this storied beer date to 1850, when a young Joseph Schlitz worked as a bookkeeper for August Krug, who owned a tavern brewery at the corner of 3rd and Walnut streets.

The date you see on most beer bottles are not expiration dates but ‘pull dates,’ which are the dates retailers are instructed to pull beers off a shelf if they haven’t sold yet.

The beer inside hasn’t expired, but it’s not longer considered “brewery fresh” and most companies no longer want it to be sold.Pottery bottles are often two tone glazed but also can be found with a solid cream color glaze. Black glass ale bottles from the 1840-1880s are largely unembossed. These bottles which also contained various soft drinks, were heavy pottery bottles with a characteristic stocky shape unlike any of the foreign import pottery bottles.Many are stamped with a name some have cobalt blue decoration, others have various glazes in shades of cream and brown.Many brewers will buy these bottles back from a retailer a full retail price, so there is no reason to keeping old beer on the shelf.“Born on dates” are the less common marking you’ll find on some bottles indicating when the beer was bottled.Of course this wasn’t info readily available to the consumer, which can make born on dates a bit confusing as they’re easy to mistake for pull dates.

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