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Like narcissists, they tend to stay away from intimacy and emotionally charged situations, and they are deadly scared of having deep feelings for others.However, they are more secretive, they tend to make less impulsive decisions, they tend to show a greater degree of emotional detachment, and they are not likely to have very many sex partners, as even sex can seem too intimate and scary to them.

In the end, however, the desires to be successful and be seen in a positive light publicly trump the desire to avoid human interaction. Romantic relationships may be mostly focused on relatively superficial things, such as sex.

He won’t steal your money or kill you and dump your body on the side of the road. Is your man detached, and sometimes cold and distant? Does he seem to come close then pull back again and again? Do you believe it could be wonderful if you could just get past his wall? He can be dull, he doesn’t have much fun, and chances are these days you’re not having much fun either.

He cannot engage in intimacy, cannot compliment me, and cites a mental disconnect as the issue -- meaning he THINKS about things he wishes to do with me/say to me, but cannot act on it. Am I a bad person for considering leaving in order to get my needs fulfilled? I'm so lost because I don't think I can change enough to make him comfortable. Also, he doesn't actively seek psychological help with this matter. He will probably understand and accept your leaving.

If you can't do this AND be happy then you should get out. He's done his research, spoken with fellow like-minded individuals. Earlier on he described one of the tests he took during the diagnostic process.

The really hard cases to diagnose are people with secret schizoid personality disorder.

They have a strong desire to stay away from all human interaction but they have other desires as well.

Schizoid Personality Disorder has nothing to do with Schizophrenia even though the two disorders share the first four letters.

But then again, sometimes you wonder and you have your doubts about him. There's a Chance Your Man Could Have Schizoid Personality Disorder.

We've talked extensively about how I crave certain kinds of intimacy that he can't provide. His solitary nature (though I am far from a needy sort) has been given up in order to share an apartment with me (though not a room, which is actually not a problem because hell yeah havin' my own space). He was given a list of words and had to categorize them, but just couldn't bring himself to talk about one word: Boats.

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