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" In the Season 12 finale of the ABC medical drama, Owen's fiancée, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) has doubts about marrying "Cristina's husband" -- on the day of her own wedding!

The hunting and haunting of the heir to the Baskerville fortune proves the most puzzling—and dangerous!

"I feel like I see Sandra a lot still, we're still really close friends. I do miss her, but I feel like I get to see her anywhere."But was she annoyed that Owen has already got married to Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) since she left? She was joking, but she was a bit like, 'you didn't tell me you were getting married! I'm touching wood and counting my blessings all the time."over the past few seasons, and he admitted that it was a rather daunting prospect."I was terrified when I directed the first time.

Patrick [Dempsey] sent me a very nice message saying, 'you're gonna be fine, we've got your back'.

Gradually, though, she began to reconsider that idea—especially after shooting a horror story about a hospice nurse whose ward lives in a haunted rural Massachusetts house, virtually all by herself.

Now, she says, “I think I'm a bit of a loner, and actually quite enjoy alone time; friends become people you want to actually spend time with, rather than people who are just in your life.He made me look good, he protected me and taught me a lot. He scooped me up, put his arm around me, moved me into a private room and so much came out. Because it was a celebration, it was this beautiful champagne in a box, and on it is an anatomical heart and a "10." It's was like, "Here's my heart in a box for a celebration. This is my gift of thanks." It was inscribed on the back with a card, too.I walked into the OR with this gift for Linda Klein, our medical adviser, and just started crying.I shouldn't be worried about that or put stress on myself for it.There are other ways of living that aren't the conventional norms.Because he knew how scary it is."I didn't sleep for the whole few weeks when I did it, stressed out.

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