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This will handle updating the tk-nuke version and will also ensure that all new config keys are added where needed.

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When you move and your address changes you do not necessarily need to notify us, because we will get the data from the respective registration office.

If you still want to do so, just to make sure, you can of course contact us.

At its core, Nuke Studio is a melding of Hiero and Nuke into a single application, such that the editing workflow defined in Hiero is combined with the ability to incorporate Nuke node graphs seamlessly into an edit.

This capability brings with it the need to understand when a Nuke script is being edited that has been referenced from some shot and task that Toolkit is aware of.

We’re on the hunt for an exceptional Digital Designer to work alongside Designers, Motion Designers, Developers, Art Directors & Digital folk.

This role is an exciting opportunity that doesn’t come along often in TK.

A timer in Tkx would look something like the following.

See Tkx repeat in case you are forced to use after to simulate repeat.

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