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An engine just like this, the injector was blocked, now to unblock it.Asked the old lady for a needle but it was way too big.

In researching the history of this engine I became interested in the history of the Cooper Engineering Co.

When I originally started, I set the start date of 1902, the forming of Cooper Sheep Shearing Machinery Co, and end date to 1952 the change of name to Sunbeam Corporation.

[Ed: the following text is taken from a sign on the exhibit] "This 1917 Ruston kerosene tractor is one of only three remaining in the world (confirmed by the world authority and register keeper of Lincoln England). There were 443 of them manufactured under license from Holt U. This tractor was used in the building of the Longreach to Winton railway line in 1925 then plater to pull a Comet Fire-Plough.

The Ruston has been kindly donated to the Ilfracombe museum by Charlie Harris & Sons of Longreach in 1992.

Plus - Shearing and crutching plants - "Post", "SF", "Little Wonder" and "Contractor" - set-up, maintenance, including the 'EB' handpiece instructions and care of grinding combs and cutters.

1 of 2 Instruction books issued for the Auto Truck. This book was produced by Chevrolet for the training of Chev mechanics.

Ronaldson Bros & Tippett 4hp Type CF Opposed Valve Diesel.

An elderly couple sent an urgent message to me, their 32v lighting plant had stopped and would not go, on a property near Emerald.

Wm Cooper & Nephews in the USA were basically a marketing company of their sheep dip.

Ted has written many articles for Steam and Engine, this time he has excelled himself and sent me a host of pictures of some engines from various locations around Queensland. The description and comments for each one are Ted's. No 332 Holt Ruston Proctor, engine made by Perkins. Most of these went to Russia during the first world war.

With my 12v drill and an axe stone I ground the needle down & pricked the injector.

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