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– – – – Dobby had a pain potion and a pepper-up potion waiting for him when he woke.

Harry rolled over and reached for the mirror that his elf must have removed from his transfigured clothes sometime during the night.

“Sirius Black.” His Dad’s face appeared immediately. Dobby said you were exhausted and you went to sleep before he even got you under the covers.” “She’s beautiful,” Harry murmured. She kept looking at me and blushing and calling me Lord Potter and she’s lovely, Dad.” Sirius’ face relaxed and smiled.

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Willing witches are used sexually, not only in private, but also in public.

Harry Potter, a Metamorphmagus, who can change his gender, is forced to volunteer in the Free Use Experience as a girl at least twice a week – including once during the week when he/she must attend classes during the day.

i've tried a few simple spells just for practise and it's all worked for me.

harry thought she might have sensed his presence as he walked away, but the two had no contact, as harry did not want anyone to try and stop him.

"I did not set out to make Hermione like me but she an exaggeration of how I was when I was younger." Moreover, she states that not unlike herself, "there is a lot of insecurity and a great fear of failure" beneath Hermione's swottiness.

Finally, according to Rowling, next to Albus Dumbledore, Hermione is the perfect expository character; because of her encyclopaedic knowledge, she can always be used as a plot dump to explain the Harry Potter universe.

One thing lead to another and I ended up casting it ten times in about an hour.” “Not good in relation to our chain apparation yesterday morning,” Sirius said bluntly. I hope they’re going to punish that girl.” “She’ll pay for it one way or another,” Harry assured him. ” “Got business in London for the morning and I’ll be checking out that house in Hogsmeade that we’ve had our eye on. I have room for a baby grand in my suite—my personal common room is pretty large.” “I’ll contact Minerva about permission to bring one then.” “Say, if you could get one with thunderbird feathers in the keys instead of unicorn hair that would be great. “If I pull that off would it be better than the snake Minerva bought you? I’d still be really pleased though.” “Some might say you’re spoiled rotten.” Harry grinned. “We sent him to the infirmary four times just in first year and Pomfrey swears there’s nothing wrong with him.” “Suffocating him in his sleep is out?

“She was apparently wearing a prefect badge so all those kids took her at her word.” He checked the clock across from his bed for the time. I’d like to have a safe house close by.” “Sounds good. “No, I’m just well loved.” His suite was divided into three rooms—an office, a common room, and sleeping quarters. ” He seriously hoped he wasn’t about to be offered a hand with his morning routine. ” Harry asked and grinned at the laughter he received in return.

An Ao3 Exclusive Story In a world where Harry and his twin sister are the Twins-Who-Lived, and their parents survived that Halloween night, there is a sexual social experiment at Hogwarts known as the Free Use Experience.

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