Robin thicke black women dating white men

But after a publicly messy divorce, and no obvious sign of it returning, you did the unthinkable.

You decided that your next stunt would be to create a record that would win back the heart of the very women you decided to stomp on.

From Oscar-winning actors, to rock and roll icons, and even up-and-coming stars, there are several notable white men married to black women in Hollywood.

A picture perfect example of one of these interracial celebrity couples is David Bowie and Iman.

We scoured the interwebs and our own treasure trove of celebrity knowledge to bring you 15 women who shocked us just a bit when they stepped out with white men.

Judy Eddy/African-American author, poet, feminist, producer, civil rights activist and overall amazing woman Maya Angelou has devoted much of her life to giving an honest look inside black culture, particularly from a female point of view.

As a white artist in a genre that was created, perfected, and initially curated by black musicians, you have benefited from a more diverse fan base.

Your hit single "Blurred Lines" was played on every radio station from Harlem to the Hamptons and being married to actress Paula Patton solidified your positive embrace within black entertainment.This week [March 18-22, 2013] is giving away copies of Where Did Our Love Go: Love and Relationships in the African-American Community.The new anthology contains personal stories from celebrities and major public figures on love, relationships and marriage in the Black community. And generous too; he didn’t let anyone else pay for one round, plus he left a NICE tip. And more than one sister noted how cute he was, if we’re being honest. “I don’t get jiggy with the swirl,” my soror said, and with that, the subject was closed.They’ll strut proudly in front of the crowd with an adoring Caucasian of variable attractiveness who may have her own legacy-inspired, rebellious reasons for wanting to explore the dark stud herself.People often want what they’re told they shouldn’t have, yes?Your new album "Paula" and all the promotion you are getting for it in the name of exploiting the marriage you once had is repulsive. But here is where you have taken advantage of such a relationship and have now become destructive.

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