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When fellow actors like Tyson Beckford and Darrin Henson asked about their age difference, Ri’chard was clear: ‘Age is nothing but a number,’ he told them.We see you girl, Vivica is not playing, she prefers her guys younger than her and makes no apologies for it.He was so cute on “One and One” but even cuter now, have you seen him lately?

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Kristen and Alicia started out as best friends, but in early 2015, speculation that they’d become something more began when they were seen holding hands in public on multiple occasions.

Their PDA continued throughout the year, but then, Kristen started dating French singer Soko.

The 50-year-old star of films like Independence Day, Kill Bill and Soul Food has been quietly dating an actor almost 20-years her junior, and this isn't the first time she been with a much younger man.

The two met on the set of the buzzed-about stripper film 'Chocolate City,' which was shot in Los Angeles in September.

He is known to have got an appetite for acting and can do all sort of roles but is most famous for his role as Murphy in Who's Your Daddy?

(2003), as Blake in House of Wax (2005) and also as Chris Scott in A Beautiful Soul (2012).There were suspicions about their relationship based on the chemistry the two have.Mail Online reported that he was always sneaking off to her trailer and telling his co-stars that age is just a number: Oddly enough, despite the fact that she was playing his mother they had this magnetic chemistry,’ a production insider tells Mail Online ‘It was something about the way he looked at her that started people on the set chatting about something going on.’When Ri’chard, who previously starred in TV series like One On One and Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns, was not shooting movie scenes or doing push-ups to keep his abs tight, he was sneaking off to Fox’s trailer.‘He always wanted to be around her.It looks like Vivica Fox has a new young man on her cougar hands; 31-year-old Robert Ri’chard.Best known for his role as Arnez on “One On One”, Ri’chard is starring in the “Chocolate City” black stripper film.Having proved his worth and versatility in many different movies, he has also been in more than a dozen different TV shows in all kind of roles, and has also appeared in many reality shows like All That Live!

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