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The teaching assistant sided with Suplita in a letter she wrote to EOO officials.

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A lecturer in the University of Georgia’s psychology department faces the loss of his job after UGA officials found him in violation, for the second time, of a school policy that prohibits professors from dating students under their supervision.

UGA officials released the findings of a 2012 complaint against Suplita under an open records request from the Athens Banner-Herald.

For purposes of this policy, “related persons” includes: · Husband/Wife · Domestic Partner · Parent/Child · Brother/Sister · Grandparent/Grandchild · Aunt/Uncle and Niece/Nephew · First Cousins · Guardian/Ward · Anyone living in the same household or whose relationship is so closely identified with another as to suggest a conflict, or · Ex-, Step-, Half-, and In-Law relationships as appropriate based on the above list.

The prohibited conduct in this policy applicable to familial relationships shall continue after the termination of the relationship (e.g.

Kirsten Leslie Barr and Harold Eugene Trask, both of Trask & Howell, LLC, of Mt. Hartzell noted that, although he and Stallings talked about his back injury during the last weeks of his employment, he never further discussed the injury or sought reimbursement for medical expenses from Palmetto. Nevertheless, the court held the Appellate Panel erred in finding that Hartzell provided timely notice of his injury within ninety days to Palmetto because such conclusion was not supported by substantial evidence in the record.

Pleasant, and David Alan Westerlund, Jr., of Shelly Leeke Law Firm, LLC, of North Charleston, all for Appellant. On April 1, 2009, Hartzell visited a chiropractor, Dr. Austin Murray, and reported a job-related lower back injury that occurred on February 25, 2009, on the intake health form. UGA has not yet released the results of its 2014 investigation, but Suplita provided the newspaper a copy of the letter he received summarizing the investigation of UGA’s Equal Opportunity Office.But last month, Stevens recommended a much harsher penalty when he concluded Suplita once again violated the dating rule when he began dating his teaching assistant in a summer semester class this year.Another student in the class reported the relationship to the EOO Office.The couple didn’t hide what was going on between them from psychology department administrators as they began their relationship earlier this year, and even met with a supervisor to ask about the propriety of the relationship as it began, Suplita and the teaching assistant told Stevens. Soon thereafter, Palmetto no longer had work for Hartzell, and he left his employment on March 20, 2009.

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