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Kinder Care Learning Centers are designed to be a home away from home for children where they can learn, laugh, grow and have fun.

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is an important part of any business, but when it comes to attracting and retaining professionals with disabilities, successfully positioning your company to speak directly to this community can pay off immensely.

Kellogg Company’s commitment to diversity can be traced back to their founder, W. Kellogg, who was a pioneer in employing women in the workplace and reaching across cultural boundaries.

Yes, I'm smiling ear to ear while I say that we told you so...

have completed my bachelor's and I'm about to complete my graduate degree -MS Information Technology from Grantham.

“It is important that Congress continue to work to make these protections part of permanent law and see that they are enforced by the current and future administrations.” Contact: Travis Hall WASHINGTON – In response to the passage of the American Health Care Reform Act (AHCA), Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Mark Walker (R-N.

C.) released the following statement: “Since Obamacare’s implementation, Americans have lost access to their doctors and seen their health care costs soar with fewer health insurance options.

We offer the chance to work in a truly supportive environment and be part of a progressive organization dedicated to the well-being of our customers, employees, and The goal of Microsoft’s Autism Hiring Program is to attract talent and build an inclusive approach to supporting individuals on the autism spectrum that will contribute to the way Microsoft works as a company in building and servicing products.

A range of factors come into play that can create budgetary constraints around disability hiring, but when businesses understand the logic behind reaching out to this community of professionals, then investment in this area becomes that much easier to secure.

Contact: Scott Parkinson WASHINGTON – Today Secretary of State Tillerson took an important step to protect the innocent lives of the unborn in issuing guidance on Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance.

RSC Chairman Mark Walker released the following statement regarding the policy: “Building upon the President Trump's January affirmation of former President Reagan’s Mexico City Policy, Secretary Tillerson has made a strong statement that taxpayer funds will not be used in any capacity to fund or support organizations that advocate or perform abortions overseas.

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