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And it's gotten worse in recent years: In 1960, 4% of Democrats and 5% of Republicans said they'd be displeased if their children married an opposing party member; in 2010, those numbers were up to 33% of Democrats and 49% of Republicans.

The polarized political environment has clearly impacted the married generations older than us.

The Liberal Republicans thought that the Grant Administration, and the president personally, were fully corrupt.

These goals were first the destruction of slavery and second the destruction of Confederate nationalism.

With these goals achieved the tenets of republicanism demanded that federal military troops be removed from the South, where they were propping up corrupt Republican regimes.

Given how cynical young people supposedly are about dating, you'd think that it was ruining courtship too.

After all, with our ever-growing pool of online and app-based options, today's dating world lends itself to pickiness even without the added layer of political disagreement.

But the romantic reality for millennials is more optimistic.

As my brief jaunt on a Republican dating site confirmed, we're transcending the current partisan political divide in the way we date — and it's a positive indicator of what a new generation of politics can look like.

The Liberal Republican Party of the United States was a political party formed in 1872 to oppose the reelection of President Ulysses S. The party's candidate in that year's presidential election was Horace Greeley, longtime publisher of the New York Tribune.

Following his nomination by the Liberal Republicans, Greeley was also nominated by the Democratic Party.

Political polarization update Two years ago, Pew Research Center found that Republicans and Democrats were more divided along ideological lines than at any point in the previous two decades.

But growing ideological distance is not confined to partisanship.

At a discouraging point in the 1964 primary campaign against Barry Goldwater in California, political operative Stuart Spencer called on Rockefeller to "summon that fabled nexus of money, influence, and condescension known as the Eastern Establishment.

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