Regex for validating domain name

August 2014: Lately I've added many new regex pages and been making major overhauls to old ones. Once you learn it, you discover it comes in handy in many places where you hadn't planned to use it.I have not yet had time to revise this page, so please be aware that it is not up the same standard as most pages in the tutorial. On this page, we'll first look at a number of contexts and programs where you may find regex.Single character domains are allowed (did you know Pay Pal owns

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My personal thought is that regex is not enough to validate a domain to a real-life domain.

FYI, here is an almost complete list of tlds and country code second level domains list: last part with the two alternatives is also wrong: there exists cc TLDs (two letters) that accept IDNA sublabels.

This regex seeks to support all domains with TLDs listed on including IDNs.

In the near future this will be likely moved to

Developer Resources Java JAR Files DLL Files DBA Resources Software QA Resources On-line Testing Tools Programming Tutorials Biotech Resources File Extensions Security Certificates Link Directories Windows Tutorials Interview Q & A FYIcenter Forum As a software developer or tester of Web applications, you may be required to know what is a valid domain name and what is an invalid domain name.

A valid domain name must satisfy a number of requirements.

In order to help your programming or testing tasks, has designed this online testing page for you to validate any given domain name using PHP regular expressions.

All you need to do is to enter a domain name in the form below and click the Start button.

This page allows you to learn and test domain name format again those requirements. A domain name is an identification of a unique computer system on the Internet.

A complete domain name consists of one or more subdomain names and one top-level domain name separated by dots (.). A complete domain name is valid if it meets the following criteria: How to test domain name format?

Then we'll have a quick look at some regex flavors you may run into.

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