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The Hebrew Bible commands Jews to circumcise their male children on the eighth day of life, and to circumcise their male slaves (Genesis –12). The ancient Greeks prized the foreskin and disapproved of the Jewish custom of circumcision.

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Antoninus Pius permitted Jews to circumcise their own sons.

However, he forbade the circumcision of non-Jews that were either foreign-slaves or non-Jewish members of the household, contrary to Genesis He also made it illegal for a man to convert to Judaism.

Antoninus Pius exempted the Egyptian priesthood from the otherwise universal ban on circumcision.

Mass production began in 19th century France and Spain, countries with which it remains associated.

In a number of modern states, circumcision is presumed to be legal, but laws pertaining to assault or child custody have been applied in cases involving circumcision.

In the case of non-therapeutic circumcision of children, proponents of laws in favor of the procedure often point to the rights of the parents or practitioners, namely the right of freedom to religion.

The first factory, Beatex-Laulhere, claims production records dating back to 1810.

By the 1920s, berets were associated with the working classes in a part of France and Spain and by 1928 more than 20 French factories and some Spanish and Italian factories produced millions of berets.

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