Rails update attributes not validating benefits dating older person

I also was sure, that rollback should rollback outremost block. When you rollback inner transaction nothing happens, outer transaction don't get rollback and continue its execution.

And this is why a spent a day to understand that problem in my project.

rails update attributes not validating-38

The method that guards the validation returns as it did under 4.2, but calls to or dirty when using a virtual attribute like this.

I think we should eventually deprecate this behavior but I talked about it with Aaron and it's not super easy to do that.

Sure, when a record contains BLOBs or many large text fields it may make sense.

But in most cases I'll bet the benefit is negligible.

I dug a bit deeper and found the documentation I was looking for the other day.

@evtuhovich, I know this is a long time ago, but do you remember the back story for this change?If you do want to mark your record as dirty when setting a virtual attribute you can use the following code: Master includes a fix for rails/rails#23645, which is not yet included in a beta release.When updating to master, I also had to explicitly set the Active Job queue adapter to `inline` in tests, as it now defaults to `async`.Have you confirmed that the behaviour you documented is intended?Thanks in advance I remember this bug, i spent one day to find a solution.is not set or if the user is changing the password.

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