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Her figure mushroomed again — putting her health at risk, according to top doctors. The excess pounds she's now carrying bring the definite possibility of high cholesterol, diabetes, heart failure or even cancer."Plastic surgeon Dr.

Otto Placik also warned Ray's roller-coastering weight put the roly-poly chef at a risk for high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues.

Rachael Ray burst onto the cable cooking scene in 2002 as host of the Food Network's 30 Minute Meals .

Viewers found her free-tongued, unrestrained style refreshing and by 2005, Ray had four shows in regular rotation on the network and was producing more than 13 hours of programming a week, drawing 18 million viewers.

In 2007, the tabloids were buzzing that her marriage with Cusimano was on the rocks.

She said during a taping of one of her shows: ‘Everybody gossips…

A source exclusively claimed in the National Enquirer that John Cusimano has been a frequent customer of Checkmate, a club that describes itself as an exclusive alternative lifestyle venue for ‘couples and single ladies only.’The 45-year-old entertainment lawyer was spotted romping around with women at the club, the source alleged, adding that he’d always stop by the club’s buffet before closing to grab a few bagels for the road.

Since signing on with Oprah in 2005, the brunette with the raspy voice and perky personality has skyrocketed to fame with an empire of both cooking and talk shows, as well as a successful cookbooks, partnerships, and cookware lines.

Before her Italian mother and Cajun father divorced, they owned a restaurant in Cape Cod.

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