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Once you send a message, you're not in control of what happens to it. But there are things you can do to make the situation better and prevent it from happening again. You can't control what someone will do with an image, but having an honest conversation can help to make sure they won't pass it on.Try having an honest conversation with the person you sent the image to. Getting help The sooner you talk to somebody about the situation the better.

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He said: ‘I wanted love from every single woman on the planet because I didn’t have my mother’s love.’The singer told the Guardian: ‘It was an addiction that took me to my darker period from 1996 to 2001, when I really came close to the gutter – I was more into drinking than seducing ...

I had got bored with it all as I never really got the emotional contact that I craved.’Hucknall and Miss Wilke-Wesberry, 39, were married at 16th-century Fortner Castle in Glenisla, Perthshire.

The humanist ceremony was attended by just eight people.

The couple had first dated in the 1990s, but split when the singer felt his wild lifestyle was incompatible with commitment. During his womanising years, Hucknall became a regular ‘victim’ of kiss and tell exposes.

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grade curriculum for the five district high schools, arguing it was inappropriate for their 13 and 14-year olds.

Her music video for the song “S&M”—viewed more than 57 million times on You Tube so far—shows the artist, pig-tied and writhing, cooing “chains and whips excite me.” It then cuts to her using a whip on men and women with mouths covered in duct tape.

It's no secret that Mick Hucknall has had a surprising amount of success with the opposite sex.

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