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He’d grown up in the States but was of Lebanese descent. He even asked me the topic of my dissertation; no one ever does that. I already hate couple-mania enough when it’s “out there” – in magazines or on television – but I truly despise it when it’s targeted at me.

Sasha Cagen put quirkyalone on the cultural map in 2000 when she published her essay, "The Quirkyalone," on the To-Do List.

It was picked up by the Utne Reader, then barreled into more of the mainstream media.

Copious Readers, The following is a story about the perils of couple-mania. The moral: Always trust your gut – you are a smart and intuitive person. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to help a friend – let’s call her Reem – celebrate her birthday at a beautiful beach in southern Lebanon with her boyfriend (let’s call him Ramzi), and another friend of theirs (we’ll call her Rose). A few hours into the afternoon, a few of Ramzi’s acquaintances from his football league showed up.

We watched the sunset and chatted until I had to leave for Reem’s birthday dinner. But apparently, Reem, Ramzi, and Rose had thought about it plenty.

a person who enjoys being single (or spending time alone) and so prefers to wait for the right person to come along rather than dating indiscriminately; relishing equal doses of solitude and friendship; attracted to freedom and possibility.

Also adj.: The condition of being equally at home with singledom and being in a healthy relationship, undivided, whole. Previously, I posed the question, "Are you single at heart?" I think there are lots of ways to tell, and I described some of them, including criteria based on scientific research as well as other indicators I surmised based on my own reading, experiences, and the many stories that other singles tell me.Sexplora c’est une série documentaire de six épisodes animée par Lili Boisvert, mais c’est aussi une plateforme interactive!Le site propose six « magazines » virtuels dont les thèmes s’arriment à ceux de la série : Libido, Pénis, Vulve, Fétichisme, Orgasme, Masturbation.I've never met Sasha, but she and I have been on radio shows together, probably around Valentine's Day.

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