Questions for bachlorettes on dating game

Arnold S: These are my measurements (reads off a few), what do we have in common?

chris and sara dating - Questions for bachlorettes on dating game

Karen Carpenter: Pretend that you're your mother and answer this question. Let's hear your best ending for this sentence: I'll do anything for you except...

It’s a game show where in-character cosplayers compete with each-other to win the heart of a bachelor or bachelorette that is also cosplaying, and responding in-character.

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The lucky Bachelor or Bachelorette, usually a popular and recognizable character like Sailor Moon or Duo Maxwell, will sit on one side of a screen and ask questions to three contestants they don’t know the identities of!

At the end of the match a contestant is chosen based solely on the answers they gave during the round. To make the game more interesting, the hosts are also cosplaying and in-character!

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