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Immediately Shawn deduces it was no accident, so he and Gus go undercover as two new contestants.

Shawn thinks that the culprit is after the show's bachelorette until his main suspect is nearly killed, and he starts to question the culprit's motive.

I was about 12 or 13, so I committed to it pretty early on," said Roday in an interview with He Wants to Play the Ultimate Conspirator on Stage Roday, who got his star on the stage at New York University, says his dream role is portraying Cassius, one of Julius Caesar’s conspirators, in William Shakespeare’s play He’s Really a Rodriguez Roday’s real name is James David Rodriguez, but he had to change it because there was already another “James Rodriguez,” a dancer, in the Screen Actors Guild. “At the time I happened to be doing a production of is, sort of, the golden ticket.

It has sped up that, sort of, diversifying process.

When a contestant on a reality dating show is in a car accident that wasn't an accident, Shawn & Gus are hired to find out who is causing problems on the show.

Shawn & Gus act as contestants in order to get close to the suspects.

In "1967: A Psych Odyssey" Juliet left to be the Head Detective of the San Francisco Police Department in San Francisco.

In The Breakup Shawn moves to San Francisco with her, and proposes to her, which she accepts.

"Shawn and the Real Girl" is the twelfth episode of season six.

A contestant on a reality TV show in the style of The Bachelorette lands in a coma after a car crash.

We come up on Melinda, the "bachelorette" on a reality TV show called Paths of Love, handing out "heart necklaces" to her remaining eligible bachelors.

Just as she is about to hand a necklace to Todd Kramer, signaling his chance to stay on the show, we learn that Todd has gone missing in a car crash.

Steve Rollins, the show's director, approaches Shawn and tells him he thinks foul play was involved too.

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