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He used his Play Station 3 gaming system to chat about and trade child porn. Stratton came under scrutiny after Play Station maker Sony received a complaint saying he was sending inappropriate messages to other account holders under the username Susan_14.Now the Coffey County man is facing a recommended sentence of five years in federal prison. Some of the messages, which are similar to e-mails and texts, said “u want to see naked kids tonight” and “Friend Request. ” Sony monitors user activities and sent reports to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which found the pornographic images Stratton had downloaded, Beall said. One of the best features of video chat on the PS3 is the ability to talk with up to six people at a time. I have sent pictures to and posted a few images of myself in Little Big Planet.

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Once that’s done start up your PS3 and configure remote play to work with your PSP (Your PSP is Registered under Settings - Remote Play.

Now turn your PS3 off and fire up your PSP (Make sure the Wi Fi switch is turned on) We want to go to Remote Play under the Network menu.

First you must have the Investor perk in the speech branch of the skill tree and at least 500 gold can do this trick.

When you go to a vendor you also need a storage container near the vendor. It's next to your home if you bought the Breezehome (not a requirement but for pack rats like me its a short distance to walk while encumbered if you want to sell all your old junk) and there is a large cabinet next to the vendor. Choose the option to invest in his business and then the select "lets see what you can do with 500 gold...".

If you’re away from your home network select “Connect Via Internet” otherwise select “Connect via Private Network” You’ll now be prompted to select the Wi Fi network to use.

Select the appropriate one (e.g., Your home Wi Fi network if you’re at home) You should either be prompted for your Playstation Network ID or your PS3 main screen should now be up.

Quickly cancel out of the window and click on the cabinet before the gold is taken out of your inventory. No gold will be taken out of your inventory and the vendor will never run out of gold to buy your goods.

Put all your gold in the cabinet and close the cabinet. Now you can save that perk that you were going to put in Master Trader and use it in something more combustible like Master Destruction.

Stratton of Burlington pleaded guilty Friday to one count alleging he received sexually explicit images of children using his gaming console and the Play Station Network.

Attorneys have agreed to ask a judge send Stratton to prison for five years, Beall said.

If you’re prompted for you Playstation Network ID sign in with it here. It will take a couple seconds for the chat application to load up but once it does go to Chat Settings and select “Camera On”. Easy as that you should see a live view of your living room (Or wherever else you put your camera/PS3) If you’re using the PS3 Exe Toy and have sound redirected to your PSP you should even get live audio from the camera as well.

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