Project updating translate

Locally altered translations can either be respected or ignored.

The When Drupal core or contributed modules or themes get installed Drupal core checks if po translation file are present and update the translation with the string found in these files.

project updating translate-65project updating translate-90project updating translate-83

Go to the Projects tab and you will see a New Project button: Click on that button and the Add Project form will be displayed. You don’t need to change the rest of the fields unless you need to further customize your project.

Once you are done click on the Save button below the form to create the project.

Note It is recommended to have translation components of reasonable size - split the translation by anything what makes sense in your case (individual applications or addons, book chapters or websites).

Weblate handles just fine translations with 10000 of units, but it is harder to split work and coordinate amongh translators with such big translation.

setting to find out where translation files are stored on the server. A GNU layout means that our project contains translation files named using language codes.

Within the project there are no directories, just files.

Once a project is released, you’ll start getting applications from qualified translators.

Choose the translators you prefer and deposit the payment for the work. When translation is complete, you will receive a notification from our system.

Below you can see an example with two projects using the GNU layout: At the top of the user interface, you will see your newly created administrator username.

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