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(That doesn’t stop advocates on either side of the issue.) Why don’t we know these things? It’s safe to say that, so far at least, the political process hasn’t encouraged rigorous comparative evaluations of public and private prisons.

Some states allow privatization without requiring cost and quality evaluations at all.

Today, I’ll discuss the sad state of the comparative empirical studies on public and private prisons.

It turns out we don’t know much about comparative cost or quality, so there isn’t much basis for strong empirical statements about public or private prisons. * * * Somewhat surprisingly, for all the ink spilled on private prisons over the last thirty years, we have precious little good information on what are surely some of the most important questions: when it comes to cost or quality, are private prisons better or worse than public prisons?

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The nineteen states that don’t privatize might, for all I know, be right to do so, but of course their stance doesn’t promote comparative evaluation.

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