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Addictions can come in many forms, but they all involve behaviors that activate the pleasure center of the brain.

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For free, you can watch them was made in collaboration with the art diector Ramon Pez.

It was based on my photographic series which documents the boredom and tedium suffered by vernacular webcam sex-performer couples.

I got a church annulment, then I got information around getting a legal annulment, and sure I hadn’t a clue.

I was 19 and I didn’t realise there was no such thing as divorce [in Ireland]. She went to England to train as a psychotherapist and met the man who would become her second husband, but while she was able to get a divorce from her first marriage, it had no legal standing in Ireland.

Whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, spending money, sex, food or stealing, each addiction has the common effect of altering mood.

The biochemistry coupled with the repetitive behavior, rationalizations, and emotive qualities (e.g., anger, euphoria) reinforces the addiction.

The history of Ireland – where it was once illegal for female civil servants to continue working after they got married – tells us this has been anything but the case.

In 1971, aged 19, she married a man against her parents’ wishes.

There is no more intimacy—today we share everything.

This unsettling transmedia project shows how bored, young couples around the world are unafraid of exposing their intimacy (read: offering sex performances) for paying, online audiences.

But after two years the centre was closed down by the then-Archbishop of Dublin, because, O’Malley-Dunlop claims, it was seen as being in competition with the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council – a conservative, Church-run organisation that later became Accord.

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