Pivot table not updating

To fix this, you can change a pivot table setting, so no old data is stored in the pivot cache.

If you try to link to a value cell in a pivot table, a Get Pivot Data formula appears, instead of a simple link.

Updating changes is simple enough, but there is probably an additional step you will want to take if you have added records to your data table.

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To do this, select a cell in the Pivot Table, display the Options tab of the ribbon, click the Change Data Source tool in the Data group, and finally choose Change Data Source. Make sure the cell range in the Table/Range field reflects accurately the range you want included in the Pivot Table.

Excel switches to the worksheet containing your data table and displays the Change Pivot Table Data Source dialog box. You should note that if you are adding rows in the middle of the Pivot Table's data range, or if you delete rows, you do not need to be concerned about the cell range reflected in the Change Pivot Table Data Source dialog box. (You only need to be concerned when you add rows or columns to the end of the cell range.) is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Excel training.

These changes can include adding columns or tables, or changing the rows that are imported.

This topic provides the following information: Note that addition of data, changing data, or editing filters always triggers recalculation of any columns or formulas that depend on that data source. For more information, see If you need to update column metadata or get recent data for designing new formulas, you can manually refresh your data at any time.

As much as I love Excel pivot tables, there are a few annoying problems that you’ll run into, while working with them.

I made a list of my top 5 annoyances, and you might have other problems to add to the list.

The latter option is handy if you are getting data from relational databases that contain live sales information, or data feeds that are updated several times a day.

When you import data from an external data source into your workbook, you can choose to keep the data as is, to capture a point in time for further analysis, or you can update the data from the source whenever you choose.

You can use Excel VBA to automatically update a pivot table when its worksheet is activated.

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