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The participation of women in photography goes back to the very origins of the process.Several of the earliest female photographers, most of whom were from Britain or France, were married to male pioneers or had close relationships with their families.I also offer my services in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the rest of New England.

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High-quality business headshots perfect for business networking and social media; studio or natural light. Keep the happy times close at hand and bring the pets!

Party, meeting and event photography with style; wedding photography with elegance.

The hourly rate of for photographing groups, events, and weddings is a flexible way of having quality photographs of these special events.

I use a Nikon D90 digital camera and if you want I can still use traditional film cameras. When using film I charge an additional per role used.

A successful dating site headshot is well-composed (head and shoulders) with a relaxed, natural expression.

The background is complimentary and not distracting, your posture and expression are engaging and happy. We all know that dating profiles with photos get MUCH more attention than those without.

The involvement of women in also had its beginnings in the early 1900s but slowly picked up during .

While the work of the English and French gentlemen involved in developing and pioneering the process of photography is well documented, the part played by women in the early days tends to be given less attention.

In the United States, women first photographed as amateurs, several producing fine work which they were able to exhibit at key exhibitions.

They not only produced portraits of celebrities and Native Americans but also took landscapes, especially from the beginning of the 20th century.

It could be a portrait to use on a business card, a group portrait, to a complete wedding weekend event.

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