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As technology continues to advance, The Indians are getting even sneakier with the hidden cameras they invent and the undercover footage they capture.

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The Bank This Spanish couple was caught going at it in an ATM kiosk. The Ruins This couple was snapped on top of a fortification in Newcastle, England. These three cuckoos got up to some heavy petting on an upper deck of Fenway Park and were captured on camera by ESPN.

The Bridge Rounding out our favorite Eurotrash exhibitionists is this Estonian couple who are in a precarious spot on an arch bridge. The Side of the Road Lots of people mess with Google Street View cars. He wasn’t charged with a crime, as there were no human witnesses. USC has beautiful people, nice weather, and a performance-oriented culture, so why not? The Stadium This isn’t penetrative intercourse, but it’s probably the most public of any of these exhibitionists. The Rival Stadium But they have nothing on these horrendous people who were filmed having sex in a bathroom stall at Yankee Stadium. Be a Cupcake [The Date Report] 15 Surprisingly Sweet Gangsta Rap Love Songs [Swimmingly] Does Taylor Swift Break Up with Boyfriends or Best Friends More Quickly?

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All Indian amateur, no extra cameras or second angles, no close ups and over head shots.

Just one camera, in the room catching people in the act!

It is not clear exactly where the clip was recorded, however the story was reported in both Argentina and Peru.

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