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You’ve got to make the most of everything because no one will do it for you.’ Sue was born in East Dulwich in 1969 to a car dealer named Burt and his wife Ann who worked as a secretary. The pair started dating towards the end of 2014 after Anna split from Charles Martin, her partner of 18 years.‘I had known Sue on the circuit, but about a year and a half ago we met at a party and I was recently single and we just… But I’m more circumspect now, and I’ve come to realise you can’t be long-termist.’ Mel even admitted that she didn’t think the programme – which has won numerous awards – would be popular.

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The study, carried out by dating website Match.com, has found the average age women find 'the one' is 25, while for men it is slightly older at 28.

The results, compiled after asking 2,000 men and women about their relationship, reveal the early dating patterns for British couples.

'But I had to go through the mill to find happiness.

My husband and I divorced in 1996 after he left me for one of my work colleagues.

all I can say is there was an understanding between us,’ Anna revealed while appearing on Lorraine Kelly’s breakfast show. The pals have been hosting The Great British Bake Off ever since it first aired in 2010. ‘We were lucky – we managed to sell our house – but it taught me a vital lesson about cutting your coat according to your cloth. ‘I’m completely upfront about the fact I did it for the money,’ she confessed.

Alice-Azania Jarvis tries the online option – with surprising results.

Kate Taylor, a dating expert, said: “While each relationship moves at its own pace, daters are often reassured by comparing their experiences with others.” “We all ask our friends, ‘When did you know your partner was The One?

Whether you live in Manchester or Midlothian, Barry or Ballmena – e Harmony could help make the prospect of dating in your area an exciting one.

Like a ‘party-animal’ in the gentle town of Peebles or a ‘country bumpkin’ stranded in London - sometimes, singles in the UK just aren’t compatible with one another.

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