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When this option is enabled, Outlook only downloads the information needed to show messages in the message list, and not the full content of each message.

When you click on a message, the rest of the message is downloaded for viewing.

These directions work for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.1. Type “Windows Credentials Manger” and once found open it.3. Office, or Microsoft Office 15 like the example below:4.

Expand each one and select remove or remove from vault.

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These reports certainly match with my experience, so I was even more impressed at Microsoft’s achievement.When I wrote about my initial experiences of Outlook 2013 Preview on July 24, I remarked that the installation of Outlook 2013 forced a recreation of my Offline Storage file (OST).The new OST was much smaller than the older version used by Outlook 2010, a fact that seemed to be a good thing at the time even if the creation of OSTs en masse might generate a resource consumption problem for servers if you deployed Outlook 2013 to multiple users at one time.To search through subfolders in addition to the current folder, look for a box next to the search box that has a drop-down menu. You can also choose to search the Current Mailbox or All Outlook Items.If you’ve used Microsoft Outlook for an extended period of time, you may have noticed that it doesn’t run quite as smoothly as it used to.If you are having issues with Outlook client on your computer and just recently changed your password, then it’s probably not updating the new password.

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