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The Pink Office Mobile app is free for our customers to use.

It's just another tool we offer to help you stay more organized and make more sales. With our inventory management tools you can keep accurate records of your products.

We offer several tools to help manage and increase your sales.

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Teacher semifinalists were chosen based on their scores from the first round of judging, which was conducted by a blue-ribbon panel of veteran educators.

Applications included information on nominees’ teaching philosophies, teaching experiences, involvement in their respective communities and letters of recommendation.

The company's two cash cows - operating systems and the Office productivity suite - are performing well.

Cosmos DB marks Microsoft's full-on plunge into the world of No SQL/non-relational databases.

Import purchase orders, adjust on hand quantities, and much more.

Our inventory system is powered by a FIFO record system allowing you to keep as accurate records as possible. With our sales tools you can track your sales, create invoices, record deliveries and payments, email invoices to customers, and more.- Average ACT Composite Scores: 21.7 - AP Pass Rate: 75% -Recognized by College Board as one of 6 KY Schools on National AP Honor Roll - World Language Opportunities in ALL schools - 17 AP Classes and 50 CTE classes offered at High School - 1 to 1 Chrome Books (take home) for every student grades 6-12.- 1 to 1 access to technology devices in all classrooms Pre-12.Please note: This item requires a download directly from Microsoft. Once you have completed your software download purchase at Amazon.com, you must click the "Continue to Office.com" button to get your software.The "Continue to Office.com" button can be found in your confirmation email, Your Games and Software Library, and on the Thank You page once you've completed your purchase.2.Keeping Office up-to-date ensures that you have the latest security updates and fixes.

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